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Alvorada Publishing

Alvorada (Dawn) Publishing renders important services to the Mansion of the Way by way of editing and printing the majority of the projects of the Dawn Spiritist Bookstore and the Spiritist Presence Magazine.  It works with all the Institute's departments, producing folders, signs and pamphlets.  It is responsible for miscellaneous messages, banners, catalogs, Christmas cards and forms; thus fulfilling the needs of each department.

The Editing and Graphics Department has played an important role in the dissemination of the psycographed books by Divaldo Franco, which the medium presents in his trips abroad and which have also been translated into foreign languages.

Currently, Alvorada Publishing is preparing for the future by modernizing its equipment and by providing staff development to its employees.  It has recently acquired printing equipment imported from Germany and Switzerland, which will respond to the internal needs and thus expanding the possibility of broader publishing services.
                       Data Processing Center

The first phase of a project begins at the Data Processing Center.  A team of data entry clerks, proofreaders, type-setters and graphic artists work diligently to guarantee the visual quality and the exact reproduction of the texts to be printed.

The data entry process begins after the Data Processing Center receives the written text.  After it has been entered in the computer, the text goes through its first revision.  The text is edited electronically in the program and format in which it will be printed.  Then, it goes back to the proofreading team, which often includes Divaldo Franco himself.

While the work of data entry, proofreading and editing take place, the creation of a book cover is commenced either at the Data Processing Center or by invited graphic artists.  After the entire book has been approved, it goes to an image setter - image film that generates the printing plates.  Currently this part of the printing process is done through local vendors, but Alvorada Publishing intends to purchase an image setter in the near future.

The Production Department of Alvorada Publishing has invested in new machinery to better meet its internal demands.

The new equipment, however, were simply additions - the old machines continue to be operated as usual and have undergone maintenance so that Alvorada Publishing may continue operating to its maximum.

Many people participate in this phase of production, which consists of checking the photolithographs sent by the Data Processing Center, generating the plates, calibrating the ink, regulating the machines, printing and finishing. From production, the printed jobs are distributed to their respective areas.