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Lygia Banhos Group

It is made up of a tireless group that helps various needy segments of the Community through home visits, distribution of food baskets, etc.  It has been in regular operation since 1971.  Today, dozens of young people and parents connected to the Mansion of the Way go to the shantytowns (favelas) to spread God's word, tutor, distribute medicine, organize home building projects, distribute donated goods and live side by side with our needy brothers.   The integration of the young people of the Mansion with those in the Community is impressive.  Little by little, the young people from the Community are drawn to participate in the Project.  Educational walks and demonstrations against violence are activities of great impact but which are organized with happiness and a sense of citizenship by the young people.  Today, mothers from the shantytowns (favelas) meet to discuss their problems and to give support to the work that is multiplying on a daily basis.

Here are some of the Group's accomplishments:

Provides weekly assistance, in the community, to needy families in the neighborhoods of Pau da Lima and São Marcos
Develops evangelical, recreational, and educational activities with the children, adolescents and adults.
Visits the elderly and the sick
Promotes fraternization and integration of the members of the community on Mother's Day, Saint John's Day, Father's Day, Walk for Peace, Children's Day and Christmas
Distributes food baskets on Mother's Day, Saint John's Day and Christmas
Maintains a community pharmacy for the free distribution of medicine
Maintains a library for the young people of the community
Sets up fund-raising bazaars
Promotes various festivals with the objective of raising funds for the maintenance of the Group's activities
Right now, the Community Living School is in its last phase of completion, on Rua do Ouro in Pau da Lima.  The school will be able to house, within one space, the array of activities that are presently carried out at various sites.

You are welcome to work with us in this project of labor, collaboration and love.  We meet every Saturday, at 2:00 p.m. on the first floor of the meeting center of the Pathway to Redemption Spiritist Center in Pau da Lima.
Biography of Lygia Banhos

The daughter of parents from the state of Ceará, Brazil,  Lygia de Oliveira Banhos was born in Belém, Pará, on July 31, 1916.

She worked at the Department of Interior's Fiscal Office and after a few years in Pará, was transferred to Rio de Janeiro.  Lygia met Divaldo Franco during one of his workshops at the Department of Interior's auditorium, in Rio de Janeiro, and at that moment, a great friendship was born.  Not long after the workshop, Lygia visited the Mansion of the Way and was invited by Divaldo to assist at the Institute. She requested a transfer to Salvador and began to live at the Mansion of the Way.  She dedicated herself to the projects of the Institute and also to the Spiritist Doctrine.  Upon retirement, she devoted herself to the Mansion full-time, and remained there altruistically for 22 years.  Adolescents sought her out for guidance and all considered her as a mother.

Lygia was the one who organized a record of Divaldo Franco's trips and workshops, now a record of great importance for research. Lygia Banhos left for the spiritual motherland on October 9, 1990.  Her family members, especially her nieces and nephews as well as friends from innumerable Brazilian cities, were left with a sad longing for her.  She is an example of dedication, love and faith.