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Rua Jayme Vieira Lima, 104 - Pau da Lima, Salvador, Bahia - Brazil
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LEAL - Administration

LEAL, Livraria Espírita Alvorada Editora [Spiritist Bookstore Dawn Publishing], is responsible for editing, marketing and distributing books, the Spiritist Presence Magazine and recordings (audio, video, CD and DVD). 

All authorship rights have been given to the Pathway to Redemption Spiritist Center.

The majority of the books have been psycographed by the medium Divaldo Pereira Franco from more than 200 spiritual authors and messengers.  Currently, the number of books includes:

Total copies - more than 8 million sold

Psycographed Works - more than 200, 90 of which have been translated into 16 languages (Spanish, French, English, German, Swedish, Albanian, Dutch, Hungarian, Italian, Czech, Esperanto and Norwegian)

Works from other authors and other publications - 37

To order books, send a fax to LEAL at (71) 393.2855; by e-mail leal@mansaodocaminho.com.br or by snail mail: Rua Jayme Vieira de Lima, 104 - Pau da Lima - Salvador -BA Cep 41.235-000.

After processing, LEAL will send the order via the post office (regular mail) and 15% of the total order will be added for shipping and handling.  Orders can be sent by airmail for expedited service for an additional charge-please check fee list.

Payment may be made by debit card with a logo of a major credit card, checks marked for deposit only, bank deposit or money order.

Customers placing an order must first register online.  Payments may be made in 3 installments (Brazilian credit cards only), depending on the total cost of the order.  Shipping falls under the shipping rules of FOB/SSA, where the customer chooses the delivery company for the shipment.

Livraria Espirita Alvorada Editora - LEAL
Rua Jaime Vieira Lima 104 - Pau da Lima - Salvador/Bahia - Brazil
Zip code: 41235-000 - Tel.: (71) 3393-2855
e-mail: leal@mansaodocaminho.com.br