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Rua Jayme Vieira Lima, 104 - Pau da Lima, Salvador, Bahia - Brazil
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Health Center

The Dr. José Carneiro de Campos Health Center began its activities in 1952, at the old site of the Mansion of the Way, in the neighborhood of Calçada, with the name "Emmanuel Ambulatory". With the transfer of activities to the neighborhood Pau da Lima, a small clinic evolved with the name "J. Carneiro de Campos Ambulatory".  It later became the Medical Center, when the regular medical clinics, dentists' office, and clinical analysis laboratories were established.  Today it is known as the Health Center.

The Health Center has the support of 76 people; medical doctors, dentists, nurses, social workers, nursing assistants, laboratory technicians, assistants, administrative personnel, Institute employees, volunteers and civil servants provided by the Technical Cooperation Alliance and the Municipal Health Department.

Tending to its clients, the Health Center carries out an array of activities that promote health education with the objective of developing prevention programs through classes, workshops, massotherapy, and vaccination.  Examples of such programs are child care, the Hypertension Evaluation and Control Program and the Pre-natal Program.  In addition, the Center is always aware of its social role in the community and works hand in hand with university programs, offering internship opportunities for medical and nursing students from the Federal University of Bahia.

According to the last annual report, the Dr. Jose Carneiro de Campos Health Center tended to more than 39,000 people and performed more than 8,200 laboratory exams in 2003.  The demand for care is enormous and surveys indicate that people from other neighborhoods leave their local health clinics to seek care at the Mansion of the Way's Health Center.  It is undoubtedly worth trying to get a spot at the Health Center.  Our professionals, in addition to practicing medicine, practice love above all else.