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On August 15, 2002, the Mansion of the Way, one of the departments of the Pathway to Redemption Spiritist Center, completed 50 years of existence.

In the area of education, its original proposal was to take in and care for orphan and needy children; a feat carried out through foster homes which tried to reproduce, as much as possible, the feel of a normal home.  The goal was to educate the child and the adolescent in a familiar environment, with special emphasis on the emotional and moral aspects of their growth.

In more than 40 years, approximately 615 children and adolescents have lived in the foster homes until reaching legal age.  Beginning in 1987, a new educational philosophy was instituted, stemming from a need to adapt the work of the Institute to the social reality in which it finds itself.  Thus the model of the child-resident was modified to one of keeping the child in the environment in which it was born; all the while working to improve this environment.

The medium Divaldo Franco, a vital force of the Institute, gives a moving account in the book, Mansion of the Way 40 Years - a Love Story in Education, authored by Washington Luiz Nogueria Fernandes and published in 1992.  "The Mansion of the Way is the saga of a great undertaking.  It was born from the feelings of the transcendent world, from the mediumnistic perception to now; its story is one of dedication, sacrifice and love.  Altruistic hearts have passed through here and the Mansion of the Way, itself, is a witness to the fact that love reigns in the heart of the human being and that we, within our relativity, love, and try to convert into action the manifestations that exist in us, in a demonstration of the presence of God, pulsing through our feelings. (…)

Now, when hundreds of young people find their place in the sun, after passing through our House and reaching legal age, we only have God to thank for all the experiences, especially for those that have chiseled us for the exercise of good and duty. (…)

Through love, which generates education, everything is possible in the edification of a fair society that is happier in the future and which we yearn for beginning today."

Currently, the Cultural and Educational Department is composed of the following schools:• Jesus Christ Elementary and Middle School, with 1012 students, a public school sponsored by the state• Alvorada Nova (New Dawn) Kindergarten, with 100 students • Allan Kardec School, with 374 students, a public school sponsored by the municipality• Computer Training School, with 400 students

The Research Library was created in order to serve the students from the Institute and schools in the community.  There, students can look up information, complete research papers as well as borrow books for school work.  In addition to the books reserved for education and research, there are many books with a variety of topics for pleasure reading.  Auntie Ivone Magalhães Vilas Boas looks after the Library. 

Allan Kardec  School

Alvorada Nova School

Jesus Christ School

Computer Training School