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House of Courtesy

Developed by the Lar Fabiano de Cristo [Fabiano de Cristo Home] in conjunction with the Mansion of the Way, the House of Courtesy provides a support system for needy families.

In order to meet its objectives, the Lar Fabiano de Cristo [Fabiano de Cristo Home] responds to human needs through five levels of assistance.  The House of Courtesy falls under the Third Level. 

The objective is to promote the integration of the family itself and society, heeding close attention to the common good of all without distinction, prejudice and social exclusion.  The methodology is based on Family Preservation and the protection of at-risk children.  This calls for family follow-up and support of basic needs, nourishment, career training and job placement.  This support is made up of socio-educational actions that combat the root causes of poverty and which subsequently allow the family to thrive as a whole, in all aspects: social, material, environmental, moral, spiritual and health.

The House of Courtesy's philosophy is to help needy families for 5 years, the amount of time it takes for them to recuperate from the social and economic difficulties they face.  Having reached the goal after this period, the assistance is transferred to another family.

Once the status of each enrolled family has been determined, a Quality of Life plan is developed.  A case study of each family is carried out; short, mid and long term goals are set, along with interventions to address and minimize the material, social, moral and spiritual despondencies.  Activities for the assisted family members are structured, and include social groups for adults, adolescents, children and the elderly; creative workshops like those that target the learning problems in school-aged children; career workshops, and cooperative workshops.

The work carried out by the House of Courtesy began in March of 1971.  Currently there are 150 families who receive assistance, yielding a total of 705 individuals.

This is a planned, arduous task that rescues the dignity of the family, the basic foundation of social organization, and that of the human being himself, who is seen as a divine creation that must be cultivated, loved, and integrated into society.