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Auta de Souza Caravan

The Auta de Souza Caravan, one of the oldest activities of the Institute, was founded in September of 1948.  It is a volunteer project for the care of the elderly and those who are disabled with terminal and degenerative illnesses.  There are 300 people who receive as much assistance as the Institute is able to offer:  biweekly food baskets, medical care, medicine, blankets, coats, shoes, clothes, etc.

Food and other goods do not last long where the assisted live.  As a result, periodic donation drives take place to obtain mattresses, water filters and home appliances in an effort to decrease their difficulties.  Monetary donations to help pay late utility bills are not uncommon.

The day of food distribution is occasion for a spiritual party in the Auta de Souza Caravan.  The elderly and the sick arrive early, sometimes accompanied by family members, to receive bioenergetic assistance through the passes.  Some are referred to the doctor due to their medical state, others participate in enlightening talks based on the Gospels.  Everyone eats soup, porridge, coffee and milk, bread and cookies in the company of the caravan's helpers.  When they go back home, the assisted have more courage to face their difficulties.

Compassion is always at the heart of the Auta de Souza Caravan; a principle illustrated in the assistance given to those who, although not registered to receive care, find themselves in an emergency situation.

Even when it is not food distribution day, the Caravan's helpers are at the Pathway to Redemption Spiritist Center, sewing for the needy, embroidering towels, and producing arts and crafts to sell in the bazaar to help defray the cost of what their wards consume.

The Christmas drives are beautiful!  There are toys and children's clothes for the grandchildren (blood-related or adopted) of the men and women registered at the caravan as well as some extras in the food baskets.  The evocation of the birth of Jesus is done in an atmosphere of happiness.  The effort of the Auta de Souza Caravan ensures that there is always enough to give to the community since the drives always reach an unlimited number of people.
Meimei Infant Wear

For more than 50 years the group Meimei Infant Wear has been helping expectant mothers in need by providing them with pre-natal care and baby clothes.  In most cases, women are referred to Gynecology at the Dr. José Carneiro de Campos Health Center, located at the Institute.  There is also an assistance program at the Mansion for pregnant women facing financial hardship.
Approximately 800 sets of baby clothes are made every year.  Most of them are distributed during a celebration on Mother's Day.  Seamstresses and embroiderers work on a voluntary basis all year to produce enough clothes for the ever increasing demand for them.
Donations and teachings are interwoven in the social work that takes place here.  Educational workshops are given to prepare the expectant mothers so that they may adequately care for themselves and their little ones before and after birth.